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Since 2008, Tripp Fuller and Homebrewed Christianity have been producing podcasts for the people. Our goal has been to get the listener the best ingredients out there so they can brew their own faith — one that is full of flavor!

With over 500 interviews, a million downloads in 2014, and 50k listeners each month from over 150 different countries, we are clearly connecting with people who are eager to pour out the tasteless light beer theology and start learning to brew it themselves. Because we believe in what we are doing and know many of you do as well, we are calling the Homebrewed Christianity community to support us so we can increase the quality and the quantity of the podcasts we put out.

Nothing is going to change when it comes to the podcast itself; though with more time and better equipment, it will start sounding better. What this endeavor signals is our commitment to grow the podcast community and create stronger connections with our regular listeners. Many of you have supported the podcast already through donations, High Gravity classes, the Amazon link, or attending live shows. Over the past year we have had an increasing number of people desire to make the podcast a part of their regular financial giving. So, here we are! It is my hope that as the regular support grows more time and attention can go into the podcast.

About Homebrewed Christianity

The Homebrewed Christianity podcast network was born in 2008 out of Tripp’s pub theology group. The group began as a monthly gathering at Foothills Brewing Company in Winston Salem. Prior to the gathering Tripp would share an MP3 of him talking to the author of the month’s book. Participants would having listened (maybe read), drop their questions in a fish bowl & the conversation would begin.

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